Blue Chip Referrals Inc.

Welcome To Our Referral World

You worked hard to get your Real Estate License!
Don't let it go to waste!

Blue Chip Referrals Inc. is a sister company of Blue Chip Realty Preferred Inc. Are you considering becoming Inactive? Is your license already Inactive but you have friends looking to Buy or Sell Real Estate? Blue Chip Referrals Inc. allows you to activate your license without any MLS or Board dues. You never have to search for a property. Just refer your client or friend to one of our Agents, sit back and wait for your money! Easy as that. We also offer free training to make the transition back to being an active agent easy and simple for you.

Blue Chip Referrals Inc. was established in 2003 with our first purpose being to provide an income opportunity for Real Estate Agents who currently hold an inactive or active Florida Real Estate License. We offer Agents the opportunity to activate or transfer their active license to  Blue Chip Referrals, Inc. and start earning referral money.

Blue Chip Referrals Inc. allows you to activate your Real Estate license without paying any dues. We are a Referral company, which means when you activate your license with us, you refer Real Estate business to Realtors and get paid a referral fee.

Make Your License Profitable

  • No Real Estate Board Dues
  • No MLS Dues
  • No Office Fees
  • No Local, State, National Dues
  • No Required Floor Time
  • No Working with Buyers or Sellers
  • Legal Tax Write-offs
  • Free Real Estate Training - this allows you to make the transition back into Real Estate when you are ready.
  • No Hidden Expenses Required to Join. Join Bronze level free.

Only pay a $25 yearly fee after the first year if you have no referrals.. No upfront cost to you - AT ALL!

Home Based Business/Tax Breaks

As an independent contractor you will be in business for yourself, but not by yourself. Once again, we will provide training if you provide the time. By having a home based business you will legally be entitled to tax deductions for business related expenditures.

Who Can You Refer?

You can refer anyone with a Real Estate need anywhere in the world and be paid a legal referral fee. All that is required is a phone call - it's that easy. Build your data base list today. You can refer...

  • Yourself
  • Neighbors
  • Friends & Relatives
  • Business Associates
  • Club/Trade Organization
  • Local Businesses
  • Church Members
  • All Spheres of Influence
  • Date Base List
  • People You Know That Plan To Sell, Buy or Rent a Home


"Florida's Elite Referral Program"