EXIT Realty is Growing...Grow with Us!!!

EXIT Realty's unique Formula of single-level residuals is revolutionizing the real estate industry. As an EXIT Realty Associate, you can earn more than 100% and position yourself for absolute success! Browse our site to learn more or call us to set up a meeting.

EXIT Realty is Growing...Grow with Us! 

What is a Residual?
A residual occurs when you do the work once and you get paid over and over again for that work done.

Consider This...
After the record is cut in the studio, the songwriter receives a financial payment every time the music is played by a radio station.

Opportunity for You!
With Residuals, EXIT now provides this same opportunity. Everyone in the Corporation can receive a "Piece of the Action" for helping to build EXIT through sponsoring.

10% Off the Top
If John brings in Mary and she generates $70,000 gross per year, then John receives $7,000 in residual bonuses paid out as her transactions close. So, if she produced at the same level for 10 years, he receives $70,000 in bonuses

Incredible Growth!
Everyone has a VESTED INTEREST in the growth of EXIT. As a new recruit's production improves, the Residual Bonus IMPROVES to the Sponsor!

Unique Benefits!
UNLIMITED Sponsoring across North America! Residuals are received by the sponsor for as long as their new recruit stays and produces business with EXIT.

The Real Opportunity
What if John sponsored in more people like Mary? What if he brought in three a year for the next five years? What would his benefit then be? Answer $105,000 in residuals